AireGuard LLC has launched its AireGuard face shield, designed to be worn by patients and to protect allergists, pulmonologists, and other healthcare workers against respiratory diseases emitted by the patient during examination and treatment.

The procedural face shield is simple-to-use and reliable, according to rigorous tests conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Flow Field Laboratory, AireGuard reports.

The face shield provides:

  • 86% reduction in aerosol emission generated from patient breathing.
  • 90% reduction in aerosol emission generated from patient coughing.

In addition, both the flow visualization and aerosol measurements of the lab’s test show that AireGuard cut down 90% of the aerosols directly ejected from the patient during breathing and lung function assessments, the company reports.

“Up until now, treating patients with respiratory problems during the pandemic has been a challenge,” said Scott Petinga, founder and Chief Design Officer of AireGuard. “Our new AireGuard procedural face shield is proven effective in protecting medical personnel from aerosol and droplets that could easily transmit the COVID-19 virus.”

“I just want to emphasize that with the reduction of exposure offered by AireGuard, in conjunction with patient screening and PPE, the likelihood of patients or staff contracting COVID-19 is very remote,” said Dr. Michael Wexler, a board-certified allergist-immunologist.

AireGuard procedural face shields ship flat, are designed for one-time use, and are environmentally friendly. They can be customized and branded to a hospital or practice’s specifications.

More information is available on the AireGuard website.