SMITHS MEDICAL PM INC, Waukesha, Wis, introduces the Pneupac VR1™ Emergency and Transport Ventilator, an oxygen powered ventilator that has all the best features of its popular predecessor, the Pneupac® Responder Ventilator, packaged into a lighter, ergonomically styled palm-sized unit. A single control for setting the frequency and tidal volume, including a click-stop setting at the recommended adult position, enables rapid setup in demanding circumstances. Auto/manual controls, a patient demand system, MRI compatibility, and other features provide the means to manage respiratory emergencies. (800) 558-2345;

LAERDAL MEDICAL CORP, Wappingers Falls, NY, produces silicone resuscitators recognized for their efficiency and value. Their design and durable materials allow for ease of use and maintenance coupled with long product life. Laerdal silicone resuscitators are widely used throughout the world. They provide a patient-to-resuscitator interface allowing the practitioner to easily maintain a secure face seal and feel changes in lung compliance without sacrificing recoil characteristics. (877) LAERDAL (523-7325);

VITALOGRAPH INC, Lenexa, Kan, supplies resuscitation outfits, which ensure that medical professionals are ready in a respiratory arrest emergency with the right equipment to establish and maintain a patent airway. These resuscitation outfits are for trained personnel who know how to clear and maintain an airway and use a ResusBag with mask to achieve ventilation in the patient. All the contents are ready for instant use and are displayed for simple selection. The robust case is brightly marked with a clear indication of the contents. (800) 255-6626;

IMPACT INSTRUMENTATION INC, West Caldwell, NJ, introduces the Model 73X, a self-contained portable ventilator developed specifically for transport and mass casualty care. Impact’s design team recognized the likelihood that limited oxygen supplies would deplete during a mass casualty incident and that the need for an alternative, self-contained gas source was imperative. As a result, the “X” can be used with external oxygen, but more importantly, it is operable via its own internal compressor using filtered ambient air. Medical care and patient safety are enhanced by a comprehensive alarm system that monitors power, gas supply, patient disconnect, airway pressure, and the ventilating system. (973) 882-1212;

VORTRAN, Sacramento, Calif, offers the VORTRAN Automatic Resuscitator (VAR™). The VAR is a hands-free, fully automatic resuscitator providing ventilatory support via a mask or endotracheal tube for patients weighing 10 kg and above. This product is ideal for on the scene, transport, MRI/CT scans, and MCIs (mass casualty incidents). The E-Vent Case™ is organized for rapid emergency ventilator deployment in any MCI. Use a single gas source for multiple ventilators with a seven-port multioutlet manifold mounted on a stand with pressure gauge and 20-foot oxygen supply hose. The E-Vent Case holds up to 10 VARs (sold separately). (800) 434-4034;

MERCURY MEDICAL®, Clearwater, Fla, supplies the StatCO2 and Mini StatCO2, disposable, colorimetric CO2 detectors. The CO2 detectors, which reliably confirm proper endotracheal tube placement for 24 hours and in 100% humidity, are now available with larger viewing windows for improved visibility of vivid color changes. StatCO2 and Mini StatCO2 provide breath-to-breath color changes from blue to yellow. The yellow color identifies the presence of CO2, assisting in verifying proper endotracheal tube placement, initially and throughout transport. (800) 237-6418;