Oxi Max® MAX-FAST® forehead sensor


Nellcor, Pleasanton, Calif, offers the OxiMax® MAX-FAST® forehead sensor. The sensor provides an effective monitoring option when digit sensors fail during weak signal conditions. It responds to changes in arterial oxygen saturation typically one to two minutes sooner than digit sensors for patients with low perfusion. The MAX-FAST forehead sensor can be used with any Nellcor® OxiMax pulse oximeter and with the growing selection of OxiMax-compatible multiparameter monitors. The headband that comes with the MAX-FAST Forehead Sensor has been redesigned for improved performance, ease of use and patient comfort. Made of a soft fabric with a Velcro® closure, the headband has color indication marks that make it easy for clinicians to apply the appropriate amount of pressure while maintaining patient comfort. (800) 635-5267; www.nellcor.com.