Monaghan Medical Corporation, Plattsburgh, NY, introduces the company’s newest chamber product, the AeroChamber mini™ AC. The AeroChamber mini AC is a device designed to deliver pMDI aerosols to patients in conjunction with mechanical ventilation, manual resuscitation bags, and standard aerosol masks. The AeroChamber mini AC has an anti-static dual chamber design that includes an inhalation and exhalation chamber. The patented exhalation chamber has a one-way valve to preserve dose and minimize dead space.

The AeroChamber mini AC also has an AeroDock™ canister port that accommodates both standard pMDIs and those with integrated dose counters. The counters will activate with this feature. The AeroChamber mini AC fits in front of a wye or HME in a ventilator circuit. When in the circuit it is designed to maintain positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP). The unit is effective for use with low tidal volume patients.