Masimo, Irvine, Calif, has announced the first installation of the company’s Patient SafetyNet remote monitoring and clinician notification system outside of a hospital setting. The East Tennessee Respiratory Center at Hillcrest North, a nursing facility in Knoxville, Tenn,, installed the Patient SafetyNet system.

“Masimo Patient SafetyNet has made a remarkable difference in almost every aspect of respiratory care at the Hillcrest North facility,” says Gene Gantt, chief executive officer of the center’s respiratory support services.

Private institutions present a unique challenge to patient monitoring, as observation of patients in the privacy of theirr own rooms is often a difficult task. Without an appropriate remote monitoring and clinician notification system, physiological early warning indicators, such as decreases in oxygen saturation and pulse rate, may go unobserved. Masimo Patient SafetyNet allows patients to be monitored remotely and provides early warning alarms that indicate physiological parameters that have been set for the patient are violated.

“After installation, we immediately noticed a reduction in false alarms by more than 60% and a marked reduction in hospital readmissions and acute care transfers, while the effectiveness of our ventilator weaning program and our clinical efficiency has improved.”

Combining the measure-through-motion-and-low-perfusion performance of Masimo Rainbow SET Pulse CO-Oximetry technology with wireless clinician alerts via pager, Patient SafetyNet provides safety to patients in settings that prevent the level of direct surveillance required and commended to anticipate adverse events.

“In fact, we look forward to expanding the benefits of Patient SafetyNet to other facilities within our network and continuing to lead the long-term care arena in advancements in technology, monitoring, and patient care improvements,” says Carolyn Pointer, BSN, MPH, NHA, President and CEO of Hillcrest HealthCare Communities.