Full Advantage full face mask

Tiara Medical Systems Inc

Tiara Medical Systems Inc, Lakewood, Ohio, introduces the Full Advantage Full Face Mask in both vented and nonvented versions. Tiara’s patented Triple Seal cushion prevents leaks by creating an additional sealing chamber within the entire cushion. Ribbed supports on the sides of the cushion give the mask stability and protect against leaks under the eyes. Flex Bubble minimizes pressure on the delicate nasal area and compensates for any patient movement. The exhalation port in the frame has multiple openings directing airflow away from the patient and bed partner. Full Advantage is extremely quiet even at pressures above 14 cm H2O. The antiasphyxia valve automatically opens in case of loss of pressure. Full Advantage Full Face Mask is available in four sizes and comes with your choice of five point or four point headgear. (800) 582-7458; www.tiaramed.com.