The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) SFAR No. 106 was amended to include the Invacare® XPO2™ portable concentrator for use on board passenger aircraft. Invacare’s next step is to approach individual airlines for their approvals regarding in-flight use of the XPO2. Southwest Airlines has already approved the system.

“We’ve been very pleased with the launch of the XPO2,” says Joseph Lewarski, vice president, Invacare respiratory division. “Now that theXPO2 has FAA approval, we will meet an even greater variety of patient needs.”

The XPO2 portable concentrator weighs six 6 pounds and incorporates Sensi-Pulse™ technology, a 5five-setting pulse- dose oxygen delivery system that keeps oxygen patients saturated during all activities of daily living. It operates from battery, AC, or DC power. The 2.5-hour battery duration may be doubled to 5 -hours through the use of an optional 1.5-pound supplemental battery that attaches easily to the carrying case.