Merits Health Products, Cape Coral, Fla, introduces the N281 Pioneer nebulizer. The nebulizer delivers fast and effective treatments within the parameters prescribed by physicians. The Pioneer also accommodates most patient situations and is ideal for home, office, or travel usage. The nebulizer features a compact, portable design; low noise level; and low power consumption. (800) 963-7487;

 Nasal Interface
AEIOMed, Minneapolis, introduces the aura™ CPAP nasal interface. The front of the aura headrest sits on the hairline, and the nostrils are the only place the seals touch the face. Its comfort results in increased compliance and satisfied third-party payors. (866) 722-2507;

Perma Pure, Toms River, NJ, has expanded its line of Nafion® dryers and humidifiers for medical breathing gas applications. New tubing sizes can now accommodate use as OEM components to transfer humidity into or out of a breathing circuit. The new tubing is effective as an OEM component built into gas delivery systems or as a retrofit added onto an existing system. The design is flexible and lightweight, and requires no power to dry or humidify large gas flows. (800) 337-3762;

Aircraft Medical, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, has developed the McGrath,™ a lightweight, fully portable video laryngoscope. The McGrath integrates new patented technology to provide a direct view of the larynx during intubation. The McGrath employs a customized microcamera to relay an internal image of the larynx to a small high-resolution video screen mounted on the handle of the device. +44 131 718 6042; [email protected];

 Oxygen Conserving Device
CHAD Therapeutics, Chatsworth, Calif, has added the Lotus™ line of oxygen-conserving devices. Lotus offers the same features as the Oxymatic® 400 Series line and features upgrades including eight flow settings, continuous flow settings between 0.5 and 6 lpm, 14.5 oz weight, and an extended alkaline battery that lasts 3 to 4 months. (800) 423-8870;

 Mask Series
Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, introduces the VIP 75 and 76 Mask series. The new VIP 76™ 7600 series for CPAP/bilevel therapy and the VIP 75™ 7500 series Oro-Nasal (full face) Vmasks™ for noninvasive ventilation are steam autoclavable/pasteurizable, dishwasher safe, and available in five sizes—with five additional half sizes when used with the Sensa Seal™ accessory. The VIP 75 and 76 feature quick-release clips, softer face seal, and crystal-clear appearance. These masks have been the popular choice of patients, sleep laboratories, intensive care units, home and hospital care providers, and dealers since they were introduced. These upgraded masks are now available from stock to meet worldwide demand. (800) 456-6695;