productOximetry Product Line
• Datex-Ohmeda, Madison, Wis, introduces the OxyTip®+, a new sensor and cable product line designed to be compatible with all the company’s monitors including original Datex and Ohmeda monitors, as well as Datex-Ohmeda OEM partners. The OxyTip+ line consolidates the existing two sensor and cable product lines, which are the SatSensors and OxyLead Cable Compatible and Integrated Sensors. Designed to replace sensors previously developed for Datex and Ohmeda monitors, the first products of the new line include the OxyTip+ Finger Sensors and Cables. The new sensors are interchangeable between the two by clicking an interconnect cable to the monitor. (800) 345-2700;

productCompressor/Nebulizer System
• PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc, Monterey, Calif, offers the PRONEB® ULTRA, a new compressor designed to efficiently deliver aerosolized medications. The FDA-cleared system was designed for use with the PARI LC PLUS® and the PARI LC STAR® Reusable Nebulizers, which are dishwasher safe, boilable, and autoclavable. PRONEB ULTRA weighs only 4 pounds and comes with a standard 3-year warranty. The system saves time for adults and children and is available in models for both. PARI also offers a pediatric version that comes with PARI PALS™ stickers, Bubbles the Fish™ mask, coloring book, and instructional video. (800) 327-8632;

Mobile Stand
• Respironics Inc, Pittsburgh, announces the release of its new BiPAP® Vision™ Mobile Stand III, incorporating fully enhanced design features such as a highly functional larger storage area, an elastomeric cord wrap, and “Easy Mount” fasteners. The stand also includes side rails allowing for extra flexibility in mounting the Circuit Support Flex Arm and other accessories, a functional “Tee Bar” handle, and locking and steerable casters. Brackets will soon be available in the Vision Independence Kit, which allows attachment of oxygen cylinders and mounting of a universal power supply (UPS). (412) 731-2100;

productDisposable Valved Holding Chamber
• Puritan Bennett, Pleasanton, Calif, now part of Tyco Healthcare, announces the introduction of the LiteAire™ Disposable Valved Holding Chamber, a completely disposable spacer product. Used to enhance the administration of metered-dose inhaler medications, the paperboard holding chamber is as effective as traditional larger plastic spacers, while offering throwaway convenience and significant cost savings. Available in a compact, 25-piece, flat pack dispenser, LiteAire holding chambers are ideal for use in physician’s offices, laboratories, and clinics. The patented dual-valve design of LiteAire allows the patient to exhale and inhale through the holding chamber, eliminating coordination problems often associated with inhaled drug therapy. The small size and easy assembly encourage patient compliance and use wherever and whenever needed. (925) 463-4000;

productLow-Flow Incentive Spirometer
• DHD Healthcare, Wampsville, NY, offers the CliniFLO™, a low-flow incentive spirometer that helps prevent lung infections following surgery. Flow rates range from 100 mL/sec to 600 mL/sec, making the spirometer ideally suited for postsurgery therapy for geriatric and pediatric patients, as well as patients with respiratory disabilities. The spirometer is user-friendly and has a wide range of flow settings to ensure that patients maintain the correct inspiratory flow rate. The flow rate dial is on the back of the unit, preventing patients from adjusting their own settings. (800) 847-8000;

productCardiopulmonary Management System
• Novametrix, Wallingford, Conn, introduces the NICO®, which combines measurements of airway flow, pressure, volume, mainstream capnography, and oximetry to profile patients’ respiratory status including VCO2, VtALV, Vd/Vt, and PV/FV loops. NICO uses CO2-Fick for noninvasive measurement of cardiac output, cardiac index, stroke volume, and systemic vascular resistance. NICO parameters provide hemodynamic and ventilation management tools, guiding fluid replacement and weaning protocols. It is compact, completely automated, and easy to use. (203) 265-7701;