Alveolus Inc, Charlotte, NC, announced the US launch the AERO™ hybrid tracheobronchial stent system, which has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of malignant pulmonary obstructions.

Malignant pulmonary obstruction is the blockage of the airway or tracheobronchial tree. The major symptom of malignant pulmonary obstruction is difficulty in breathing, a condition that often requires hospitalization. The placement of a stent may improve the condition while reducing a patient’s hospital stay.

“With the lack of innovation in nonvascular stenting, this is truly a significant event for physicians,” said renowned interventional pulmonologist Atul Mehta, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. “This revolutionary hybrid stent should improve the welfare of pulmonary patients.”

The AERO system expands Alveolus’ domestic product range of next generation nonvascular stents and stenting accessories. This addition reinforces Alveolus’ company message of providing products for physicians developed by physicians.