Nonin Medical Inc, Minneapolis, has acquired Swedish medical technology company MedAir AB. With the acquisition, MedAir, which specializes in developing and manufacturing optical equipment for medical gas analysis, has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Nonin Medical.

“The acquisition of MedAir is an excellent strategic fit for Nonin Medical and strengthens its dominant market position in physiologic monitoring,” said Gary Tschautscher, president and CEO of Nonin Medical. “By broadening our products and services to include carbon dioxide monitoring and enhancing our infrastructure, the acquisition enables us to better serve customers worldwide. In addition,
MedAir’s proprietary technology offers significant opportunities for new product development and growth.”
“Nonin brings an established worldwide distribution network as well as strong ties to the OEM channel that will be essential to MedAir’s future expansion,” said Sigvard Weisbjerg, managing director of MedAir AB. “The two companies share a commitment to innovative products that offer flexibility, comfort, and effectiveness for quality patient care in a range of medical settings.”
Medair AB management and employees are not affected by the acquisition, the terms of which were undisclosed. The future plan calls for the expansion of Medair AB.