Comedian Jon Stewart took some jabs at the measles hysteria sweeping the country — and those who refuse to vaccinate against it — during Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show. Stewart, whose favorite targets are the media and politicians, took his customary shots at CNN and NJ Governor Chris Christie, but focused most of the finger pointing for the anti-vaccination crowd.

He blamed “science-denying California liberals” who choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children, and libertarians like Senator Rand Paul who believe not vaccinating to “be an issue of freedom.”

“The science is clear” on vaccines, Stewart said, while emphasizing what the majority of physicians agree on: vaccines only work if everyone does their part and gets them.

Like only Stewart can, he likened America to a group of survivors isolated in a farm house under siege from zombies (the measles). Only if everyone agrees to do their part and board up the windows and doors (vaccinate) could the zombies be stopped. But inevitably the zombies get in and “gnaw on your brain” because of “some lady who read an article in a wellness forum that says we shouldn’t sleep in boarded up rooms because it [messes] you up.”

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