The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has launched a Web site to help residents prepare for an influenza pandemic. The site,, provides resources and tools to help individuals, families, businesses, and governments to plan and prepare for a flu pandemic.

“We wanted to provide a reliable source of information for people in Idaho about influenza pandemics—what happened during the three pandemics of the last century, what to expect during a pandemic, and most importantly, how to prepare for a future pandemic,” says Barb Blakesley, pandemic influenza coordinator and planner for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. “Preparing today will reduce some of the potentially devastating impacts a pandemic could have on your family and our state.”

The site hosts multiple video messages informing visitors about what a pandemic is, how they occur, and what individuals can do to prepare for any future pandemic. A video message from Idaho’s Governor, Butch Otter, is accompanied by video messages from experts in the medical and business fields, as well as a message from one Idaho mom.

The information provided through the site is divided into specific categories, such as individuals, families, businesses, and even pet owners, to help ensure that visitors to the site receive accurate information for their demographic. 

“Many people don’t want to think about it, but planning for the worst case scenario now will help mitigate the affects of a pandemic when it happens,” says Blakesley. “It really isn’t a case of ‘if’ another pandemic will occur, but rather a case of ‘when.’”

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