Outgoing chief White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci said the country should prepare for a “pretty bad flu season” later this year.

Speaking with Bloomberg Law, Fauci noted that a more severe flu season has already been observed in the Southern Hemisphere, which encounters new annual flu strains sooner than the Northern Hemisphere.

“We should be prepared for that superimposed upon what I hope is the residual and not another spike of Covid,” Fauci told Bloomberg.

Despite reports of a more severe flu season from the Southern Hemisphere, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated in its guidance that the recommendations for flu vaccinations this year are similar. Read more here.

Do Children Need More Than One Flu Shot Per Year?

Ahead of what may be an intense flu season, the American Academy of Pediatrics urged parents on Tuesday to make sure their children are vaccinated against the flu this fall, adding that some kids may need more than one flu shot.

The recommendation that some children need two flu shots is not new, but experts say it’s particularly important after two years of the Covid pandemic.

Children ages 6 months through 8 years old who’ve either never received a flu shot or who’ve only ever had a single flu shot should get two this year, a month apart, for maximum protection. Read more here.