The CDC is reporting over 22 million flu infections in the United States so far this season, according to Weekly US Influenza Surveillance Report data published for Week 5 (ending February 1, 2020). In addition, 210,000 Americans have been hospitalized and 12,000 have died of flu.

According to the CDC report, 6.7% of healthcare visits during Week 5 were related to influenza-like illness (ILI), an increase from 6.0% in Week 4 and well above the national baseline of 2.4%.

A total of 78 pediatric deaths have been reported so far in the 2019-2020 season, including 10 in Week 5. The CDC says 52 pediatric deaths have been associated with influenza B viruses, and 26 deaths were associated with influenza A viruses.

Overall, influenza infections for the season are nearly even between influenza A and influenza B subtypes, but influenza A has surged of late, the agency says:

  • Influenza A: 898 (65.8%) for week 5; overall 11,670 (47.8%)
  • Influenza B: 467 (34.2%) for week 5; overall 12,733 (52.2%)

All states and regions are reporting high influenza activity, with the exception of 7: Alaska (low), Delaware (low), Nevada (moderate), New Hampshire (moderate), Washington DC (moderate), USVI (moderate), and only one state, Idaho, had minimal activity.