According to a company press release, Respiratory Products Inc is developing a personal consumer product called “Curtail, The Cough Barrier,” which purports to capture a cough and prevent the spread of germs.

“Curtail’s unique airflow design serves to eliminate 99% of expelled particulates from coughing, preventing the introduction of potentially untoward agents into the air by cold and flu sufferers,” the company said in the news release.

The compact product stores in your shirt, pants pocket, or purse and is quickly deployed by squeezing and placing over the mouth. The product is the first to specifically address physical cough containment, the company said.

“Curtail is a compact, inexpensive, and quickly deployable device that can have profound effects on world health in travel environments, public and communal settings, businesses, and homes,” said John Stalcup, PhD, CEO, Respiratory Products, Inc. “We intend to set a new standard for ‘collective healthcare’ in a world facing ever-increasing variations of harmful particulates transmitted via air and human contact.”