A group of long-term patients from the ventilator unit at the Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Commack, NY recently attended a New York Mets game thanks to the mobility of their VOCSN respiratory devices, according to a Ventec Life Systems news release.
Watch a video recap of the patients’ experience here. View images of the day at the ballpark here.

Gurwin recently equipped its 28-bed ventilator unit with the VOCSN 5-in-1 respiratory device, which enabled four baseball fans at Gurwin to head out via a caravan of ambulances to Citi Field in Flushing, NY, to enjoy a New York Mets game.

“We were really just looking forward to the VOCSN technology to not only help us provide enhanced care, but also to help our residents be a little more mobile, leave their rooms for a bit, be a little more social and have a little better quality of life.  We never imagined that we’d be able to take them out to the ballgame!” said Delta Young, RRT, director of Respiratory Therapy in Gurwin’s Ventilator Care Unit.

“This technology is truly a home run for our residents,” said Shua Sauer, Chief Operating Officer.  “We were certain when we partnered with Ventec Life Systems that their technology would be the innovation needed to enhance care for our residents who use ventilators. The VOCSN units were installed only two weeks ago and already we are able to demonstrate the quality of life they provide. What better way to celebrate our residents’ newfound mobility than a night at the ballpark to see the Amazin’ Mets!”

Read about some of the patients’ stories below:

For Gus, an 82-year-old Gurwin resident and lifelong athlete who just last year was playing soccer on a team with his son, a recent ALS diagnosis (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) dashed his hopes of ever seeing his grandson ever play baseball again.  With the VOCSN unit in tow, Gus cheered on the Mets at Citi Field from his luxury suite seat, flanked by his son and two grandsons.  “It was a great night,” said Gus.

The trip to Citi Field marked the first time in three years that 65-year-old Janie, paralyzed from a stroke, had left Gurwin’s facility.  Janie’s two daughters who accompanied her on the trip are encouraged by the baseball outing, and have new hopes for additional trips with their beloved mother.  “She really needed this night at the stadium,” said her daughter.  “She needs something to look forward to.”

Other Gurwin residents at the game were 39-year-old Scott who is living with ALS, and 72-year-old James who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury, both outfitted in Mets gear donated by Modell’s Sporting Goods. The long-time baseball fans were happy to be at Citi Field, to meet Mr. Met and enjoy a baseball game with their loved ones.