photoFisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc, Laguna Hills, Calif, announces the HC200 Series that combines CPAP generator and heated humidifier for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Heated humidification with CPAP improves patient compliance by providing sufficient humidity to the nasal airway. Reducing upper airway symptoms and mouth leaks makes CPAP more comfortable for patient lifestyles, and the HC200 also offers an adjustable heat range for humidification. Automatic voltage switching and lightweight, compact design make the HC200 ideal for travelers. (800) 446-3908;

photoAckrad Laboratories Inc, Cranford, NJ, introduces the INCA™ infant nasal CPAP system, which reduces the need for intubation and lessens the possibility of airway injury and infection. The set includes a nasal cannula, STAY-flex tubing, a knit cap, two yokes, an in-line pressure T-adapter, and a straight adapter. STAY-flex tubing can expand, bend, and shape to a fixed position that minimizes dislodging of the cannula and offers maximum patient comfort. The knitted cap with attached band and hook-and-loop-backed yokes are designed to allow for patient positioning with minimum pressure on the nasal septum. The INCA system, which does not require the use of a ventilator, is available in five sizes: 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12, and 15 French for maximum comfort and stability. (908) 276-6390;

photoMedical Industries America Inc, Adel, Iowa, introduces the Rem Rest CPAP machine. The Rem Rest features a wide pressure range from 3.5 cm to 20 cm, a 3-year warranty, a universal power supply (110-240 VAC and 12 VDC), adjustable ramp timing to 50 minutes, an hourmeter, and a full line of accessories. In addition, the machine operates very quietly and is ultralightweight at 3.5 pounds complete. A compliance monitor is pending. (800) 759-3038;

photoSunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, introduces the new DeVilbiss® Serenity Mask that minimizes visits to refit patients and guarantees a perfect fit every night. The forehead rest easily adjusts front-to-back and up-and-down, and snap-together components are durable and easy to change, further increasing patient compliance. The latex-free DeVilbiss Serenity Mask features an adjustable exhaust port that enables users to direct escaping air away from their chests and bed partners. Additional features include simple adjustment teeth for superior durability, a solid thermoplastic mask frame that will hold up to repeated cleanings, and parts that are sold separately. (888) 333-2572;

photoSleepNet Corporation, Manchester, NH, presents the IQ Nasal Mask, featuring a completely adjustable sealing surface that allows for a custom fit for each patient. Molded in the flexible shell is a pliable ring that can be shaped quickly and easily to conform to facial contours. This unique feature, combined with SleepNet’s award-winning gel cushion, provides total adjustability and superior comfort in a smart, new design. The IQ Nasal Mask also provides a clear field of vision while the built-in front swivel quietly diffuses exhaled CO2. The New EZ Cap Headgear, which makes connection and removal simple, has both vertical and horizontal adjustments for maximum comfort and stability. SleepNet Corporation also manufactures the PhantomO Nasal Mask. The Phantom’s unique anatomically shaped gel cushion, flexible outer shell, and pliable nose clip ensure a gentle and secure fit. Side tubing adapters provide a clear field of vision and enable patients to wear glasses with the mask. The IQ Nasal Mask and the PhantomO Nasal Mask are the only masks with a soft outer shell delivering adjustability in a one-size design. (800) 742-3646;

photoRespironics, Pittsburgh, announces the Aria® LX with Encore® SmartCard™, which allows health care providers to monitor compliance, measure quality-of-life improvements, and manage outcomes for patients using CPAP therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Encore SmartCard records usage data; stores answers to FOSQ, an onboard quality-of-life questionnaire; and changes the patient’s therapy prescription. The card can be mailed back to the home care provider and downloaded to Respironics Encore Software for analysis and follow-up.

The Aria LX is a full-featured conventional CPAP system with automatic altitude compensation, an enhanced sound reduction package, automatic on/off, mask removal alert, adjustable ramp starting pressures, and an international power supply. The system records valuable compliance data, such as pressure settings, date/time of each use, duration at pressure, and ramp usage. Respironics offers a full range of products compatible with the SmartCard, including the Virtuoso® LX Smart CPAP, and the newly released BiPAP® Duet® LX Bi-level System.

As an essential tool in the Respironics Sleep Management Program, Aria LX with Encore SmartCard can improve operating efficiencies for home care providers by making compliance monitoring and analysis easier and less time intensive. (800) 345-6443;

photoMallinckrodt, St Louis, announces the Breeze™ SleepGear™ with DreamSeal™ assembly, which received 510 (k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration. The integrated design of the Breeze SleepGear with Nasal Pillows assembly ensures quick, optimal fit without confining facial straps and sets new standards for simplicity, comfort, and effectiveness with patients undergoing therapy in sleep laboratories and at home. The DreamSeal perimeter nasal seal, which floats comfortably over the nose, now combines with Breeze SleepGear to create levels of freedom and comfort never before experienced by traditional mask wearers. The Breeze SleepGear with DreamSeal and Nasal Pillows front assemblies is the only interface system in which perimeter seal and pillows can be swapped quickly and effortlessly for improved clinical ease and patient comfort under varying degrees of therapy. In addition, an entertaining, illustrated guide to the sleep laboratory experience entitled “The Man Who Couldn’t Sleep and Who Couldn’t Stay Awake” gives insight into sleep apnea and sleep therapy. (800) 663-3336;