The Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) presented the award for the Dr. Ralph Kendall, MD Outstanding Site Visitor Award to Phyllis W. Brunner, BS, RRT. The award was presented at the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) International Congress. According to CoARC, the group recognizes up to two active Site Visitors annually for dedicated service and outstanding contributions to the mission of CoARC to ensure high quality of respiratory care education. The nominations are made by CoARC commissioners.

Nominees for this award must have participated in at least three CoARC site visits with the past 2 years by the nomination deadline in addition to meeting the minimum qualifications for a Site Visitor as described in the CoARC Site Visitor Policies and Procedures Manual. Nominees must also not have any negative evaluations within the same 2-year period and have provided a special contribution to the site visit process.

The third annual Dr. Ralph Kendall, MD Outstanding Site Visitor Award was presented to Phyllis W. Brunner, BS, RRT, who became a site visitor for CoARC in 1996. Brunner has participated in 10 on-site reviews in the past 3 years and has consistently received positive comments from program personnel, site visit team members, and CoARC referees, according to CoARC. Of the 10 site visits, Brunner served as team captain for seven of them and trained one new site visitor and two new team captains.

The CoARC website notes that Brunner’s dedication and service to the group is invaluable. CoARC also says Brunner has been described as consistent, professional, fair, thorough, and very knowledgeable of the standards and process of accreditation, and is often referred to as an excellent representative of CoARC in her evaluations.

Source: CoARC