Sleep Medicine

 Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, offers DeVilbiss® eCompliance, an efficient compliance monitoring solution that allows users to view patient CPAP usage data via the Internet. Recent system enhancements include the ability to remotely adjust settings to the 9001 CPAP and the 8054 AutoAdjust LT. In addition, eCompliance will provide notification of potential patient noncompliance with an email—allowing respiratory therapists to spend time managing noncompliance as opposed to identifying it.

 Nonin Medical Inc, Plymouth, Minn, introduces nVISION® Data Management for Oximetry Screening Software. This oximetry data analysis tool is designed to increase productivity and decrease administrative costs. The software package provides easy viewing, professional analysis, streamlined report generation, and reliable data storage for multiple patients. Based on the Windows® platform, the software offers customized settings/parameters and quick access for efficient and immediate data interpretation. Combining nVISION with the company’s 2500 PalmSAT Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter also simplifies overnight oximetry. (800) 356-8874;

 Grass-Telefactor, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group, West Warwick, RI, introduces Comet™ PSG, a compact, low-cost polysomnograph (PSG) for sleep studies. The system provides up to 50 channels for recording and analysis of sleep data. It features powerful yet easy-to-use TWin® software, state-of-the-art amplifiers, and a “personality module” with electrode inputs designed especially for PSG. The removable personality modules facilitate easy electrode application and setup. The high-fidelity digital amplifier system sends the PSG signals directly to a PC through a standard TCP/IP Ethernet port. (877) 472-7779;

 BCI Inc, Waukesha, Wis, offers its FingerPrint® Sleep Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter/Summary Printer, designed for sleep screening studies in the sleep laboratory, clinical environment, or home. The unit enters data collection mode after 10 minutes of continuous use, and a summary of the saturation screening can be obtained immediately from the integrated printer. It provides spot checking of Spo2, pulse rate, and pulse strength. The BCI Oximetry Data Management Program, Windows®-based software, downloads information collected during sleep screening and oxygen therapy validation. (800) 558-2345;

 Nellcor Puritan Bennett (Melville) Ltd, Kanata, Ontario, a business of Tyco Healthcare, introduces its Sandman version 6.1 software, which interfaces with the newly released Sandman DC Expansion Box for use with the Sandman Digital 32+™ Amplifier (SD32+). Sandman 6.1 features performance adjustments, such as loading and saving of workspaces and enhanced channel labeling for improved trouble-shooting. (800) 663-3336;

 Compumedics USA Inc, El Paso, Tex, introduces the Siesta, a portable physiological data recorder that incorporates a radio transmission system. The Siesta features the ability to transmit 32 channels of artifact-free data over a wireless Ethernet link, allowing real-time recording to a laboratory’s computer network. EEG patients can move about during recording without trailing cables, and sleep laboratories may be installed without special cabling. In addition, the Siesta incorporates on-board data storage on compact flash cards. The option of running on direct AC or battery power makes the Siesta a useful tool for laboratory and ambulatory testing. (877) 717-3975;

 The Mirage Vista™ mask system by ResMed Corp, Poway, Calif, is the next product in ResMed’s generation of Mirage® products. Building on the Mirage’s cushion technology, the Mirage Vista is the result of years of ResMed experience in mask technology and listening to customers. Smaller, lighter, less obstructive, and easier to use, the Mirage Vista provides levels of comfort and usability equivalent to the Mirage and Ultra Mirage™ systems. (800) 424-0737;

 The new Sleepscan™ Netlink data acquisition system by Bio-logic Systems Corp, Mundelein, Ill, incorporates the latest development in amplifiers for polysomnography. Sleepscan Netlink’s features include both pediatric and adult programs, along with online RDI calculation during collection. The system’s amplifier features a built-in oximeter and allows users to start and stop their study or perform electrode impedance testing either at the patient’s bedside or from the monitoring room. (800) 323-8326;