Sleep Medicine

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Respironics, Pittsburgh, offers the Watch_PAT 100™ Sleep Diagnostic System, designed to provide clinicians with a cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-use alternative to traditional polysomnography. Watch_PAT 100 safely, accurately, and noninvasively measures sympathetic nervous system response in sleep disordered breathing. The system enables clinicians to screen and diagnose sleep-related breathing disorders in the patient’s home. Use of the Watch_PAT 100 may lead to faster diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, which, in turn, leads to faster treatment for patients. (800) 345-6443;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Compumedics USA Inc, Fridley, Minn, introduces the Siesta, a portable physiological data recorder that incorporates a radio transmission system. The Siesta features the ability to transmit 32 channels of artifact-free data over a wireless Ethernet link, allowing real-time recording to a laboratory’s computer network. EEG patients can move about during recording without trailing cables, and sleep laboratories may be installed without special cabling. In addition, the Siesta incorporates on-board data storage on compact flash cards. The option of running on direct AC or battery power makes the Siesta a useful tool for laboratory and ambulatory testing. (877) 717-3975;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)VIASYS Healthcare Inc, Conshohocken, Pa, introduces the Orion, a CPAP instrument that includes interchangeable faceplates, available in a variety of colors. The compliance meter tracks hours of patient use, not just hours of operation. The advanced motor and impeller deliver more exact pressure, and pressure settings can be set in 0.5 cm H2O increments. Altitude adjustments can be made from 0 to 9,000 feet without calibration, and ramp time is 0 to 20 minutes in 5-minute intervals. (800) 231-2466;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Grass-Telefactor Product Group, Astro-Med Inc, West Warwick, RI, introduces the Aurora® PSG, a digital polysomnograph for monitoring patients with sleep disorders. The system combines compact, high-performance, 32-channel amplifiers with TWin software for recording and analysis, which is capable of recording and interfacing all bioelectric PSG signals. The Windows®-based TWin software features automated scoring and a flexible, customizable report generator. (877) 472-7779;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)General Devices, Ridgefield, NJ, introduces the Prep-Check Plus EIM-107, a compact, handheld multi-lead EEG electrode impedance meter for testing polysomnography and EEG electrodes, preps, lead wires, and cables. Available with various multi-pin connectors to mate directly with most systems, it provides a fast way to assure good test results prior to polysomnograph and EEG connection. Able to test up to 160 electrodes, it can improve throughput and reduce disturbance to patients and nursing staff in critical care units. Features include customized lead naming, unused lead skipping, good/poor limits, test current frequency, and lead fail response. The device accurately measures impedances from 100 to 199,999 ohms. (201) 313-7075;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Nonin Medical Inc, Plymouth, Minn, introduces nVISION™ Data Management for Oximetry Screening Software. This oximetry data analysis tool is designed to increase productivity and decrease administrative costs. The software package provides easy viewing, professional analysis, streamlined report generation, and reliable data storage for multiple patients. Based on the Windows® platform, the software offers customized settings/parameters and quick access for efficient and immediate data interpretation. Combining nVISION with the company’s 2500 PalmSAT Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter also simplifies overnight oximetry. (800) 356-8874;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, offers the 7600 Series VMask, a full-face (oro-nasal) mask for use with CPAP/NPPV blowers and ventilators. The mask is available in five sizes, and the face piece and sealing flange are molded of soft, clear silicone rubber in an anatomically contoured design with ribbed support for a leak-free comfortable fit. There is a safety breath-out valve in the swivel port elbow assembly, and the mask face piece has CO2 flush holes. The mask includes new quick-release headgear for patient comfort and safety, and it is available in two sizes. (800) 456-6695;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)ResMed Corp, Poway, Calif, introduces its ResAlarm™ II airway pressure monitor. A backlit LCD screen with perimeter softkeys simplifies alarm setting and provides clear viewing from across the room. The peak airway pressure numerical display and pressure bar graph verify accuracy of breath delivery. An internal battery automatically recharges during use, providing up to 24 hours of DC power. The ResAlarm II comes standard with a pole mount bracket and is included with ResMed’s VPAP Max® noninvasive ventilatory system. (800) 424-0737;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)The Sleepmate Professional Training Series from Sleepmate Technologies, Midlothian, Va, is a Web-based, interactive training system that covers interactive sleep scoring, preparing and setting up different types of polysomnography, and understanding seizures and sleep. Using video demonstrations and audio hints, the series provides sleep professionals with easy, affordable access to training. The modular series also offers competency tests that allow sleep professionals to earn CME and CE credits. (800) 639-5432;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)The lightweight and tether-free ActiTrac activity monitor from IM Systems, Baltimore, captures physical movements from seconds to extreme and downloads to a computer for display, analysis, and spreadsheet export. It can be worn as a wristwatch or clipped to the belt. ActiTrac’s programmable sensitivity and start time make it an effective documentation tool for physical movements in connection with sleep efficiency, circadian patterns, neurological disorders, drug testing, and rehabilitation therapy. An optional event marker button enhances data analysis by indicating “lights out,” onset of symptoms, or sleep interruption. (888) 513-5969;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Nellcor Puritan Bennett (Melville) Ltd, Ottawa, a business of Tyco Healthcare, introduces its Sandman Version 6.1 software, which interfaces with the newly released Sandman DC Expansion Box for use with the Sandman Digital 32+™ Amplifier (SD32+). Sandman 6.1 features performance adjustments such as loading and saving of workspaces, and enhanced channel labeling for improved trouble-shooting. (800) 663-3336;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Oxford BioSignals, Oxford, UK, introduces BioSleep 4, a comprehensive sleep analysis system that detects REM sleep from a single channel. The neural network technology analyzes data collected from the upper EOG position, combining eye movement and EEG signals to assess sleep architecture and microarousals. BioSleep 4 shows both REM and NREM activity to a 1-second resolution and provides objective information about the quantity and quality of sleep. +44 (0) 1865 336170;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Pro-Tech Services Inc, Mukilteo, Wash, introduces the Quantum™ Respiratory Effort Sensor that uses a conductive and linear material that provides a reliable signal. Phase shifts seen using the Quantum sensor are accurate and will substantiate changes in flow. The sensors fit all patients, from infants to adults. Quantum sensors connect to the standard AC channel and are compatible with most systems on the market. (800) 919-3900;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Medical Industries America Inc, Adel, Iowa, offers Nasal-Aire, an interface device designed to provide efficiency and comfort to patients requiring positive pressure ventilation therapy. The design allows the user freedom to speak, wear glasses, or read without removing the device. When the device is worn, the under nose reservoir is positioned across the patient’s upper lip with the nasal inserts positioned in the patient’s nares. The tubing drapes over the ears in the manner of standard nasal cannula to stabilize the under nose reservoir with the “Y” coupling positioned in front of the patient and eliminating the need for headgear. (800) 759-3038;

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, offers the DeVilbiss® Internet Processing Software (IPS) 2.0, a lightweight client software that allows dealers, physicians, technicians, and case managers to manipulate and view patient CPAP usage data on the DeVilbiss eCompliance server. The recent software enhancements include the ability to remotely adjust settings to the 9001 CPAP and the 8054 AutoAdjust LT. Dealers are now able to define thresholds for low usage (noncompliance) and have more flexibility to edit notification parameters and to choose which email notifications they receive.

d02b.JPG (14016 bytes)BCI Inc, Waukesha, Wis, offers its FingerPrint® Sleep Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter/Summary Printer, specifically designed for sleep screening studies in the sleep laboratory, clinical environment, or home. The unit automatically enters data collection mode after 10 minutes of continuous use, and a summary of the saturation screening can be obtained immediately from the integrated printer. The FingerPrint provides fast, reliable spot checking of Spo2, pulse rate, and pulse strength. The BCI Oximetry Data Management Program, designed for use with the FingerPrint, is Windows®-based software that rapidly downloads information collected during sleep screening and oxygen therapy validation. (800) 558-2345;