National Sleep Awareness week is just around the corner—March 3-9, and the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) is doing its part to represent respiratory care professionals. AARC’s Political Advocacy Contact Team (PACT) is heading to the Hill for the eighth year running March 9-11.

National Sleep Awareness Week is a week-long campaign put on by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) to educate the public and raise awareness of sleep medicine. National Sleep Awareness Week is also intended to influence members of Congress and gain support for sleep medicine.

The PACT sends two representatives from each state to Washington DC, where they meet with the lawmakers of their states. The first day of the PACT meeting, the group reviews issues, gains insight on effective lobbying, and preps for day 2. On the second day, the PACT members meet with their members of Congress. New this year, several PACT members will be bringing patients with them to Washington in order to give a double perspective on respiratory sleep issues.

This year, the two main issues PACT members are lobbying for are: Medicare Respiratory Therapy Initiative (HR 3968) and the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Act (HR 552 and S 329).

National Sleep Awareness Week also includes the Great American Sleep Challenge, an online campaign to help Americans get the most out of their sleep; the NSF’s 8th Annual Awards Dinner; and the release of the results of the 11th annual Sleep in America poll.