Emily Lyons, whose sister passed away from cystic fibrosis in 2011, created JWLS, a timepiece company with a set of lungs as its logo, and donates a portion of proceeds from watch sales to CF research.

JWLS opened shop this past August with prices starting at $170. Creating a company isn’t an unfamiliar feat for the Toronto-based serial entrepreneur. Emily already has three successful businesses to her name as founder and CEO: Lyons Elite, True Glue, and Femme Fatale Media Group, Inc. Despite all her success and busy schedule, Emily gave JWLS her personal touch: she designed all the watch styles and gave them names inspired by Julia’s life.

“Some watches were named after her best friends (The Anita, Carrissa, and Natalie watches). Or her favorite things: Cap was the horse she got from Make-A-Wish Foundation when we were kids,” Emily said. “And monumental things like the surgeon who performed her two double-lung transplants: Dr Keshavjee — the Keshavjee watch.”