Patients with cystic fibrosis could avoid having to travel to specialist clinics if health professionals could monitor them using phone or video messaging, according to NICE.

Professor Martin Walshaw, consultant in General and Respiratory Medicine at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and chair of the guideline committee, said: “People with cystic fibrosis have very complex health needs and may have to visit specialist clinics or hospital on a regular basis. This may involve travelling long distances.

“If they are stable, the guidance asks specialist teams to consider monitoring suitable individuals over the phone or through video messaging. This means they would not have to spend time travelling to their clinic if they did not need to. This time could be better spent living life the way they want.”

The guidance also makes wider recommendations on how services should be delivered, including how social workers can support people to adjust to their condition long-term, such as help taking medicines every day.