A new study finds that the incidence of rejection in lung transplant patients is high among individuals with cystic fibrosis.

The study was designed to measure how often acute cellular rejection (ACR) occurs in those with CF who had a lung transplant, and also to predict risk factors for ACR in these individuals.

The study included 44 people with CF who underwent a lung transplant compared to 89 people who had a lung transplant for a different reason. Both groups showed rates of ACR, with a slightly higher rate of 75% in the CF group and 67% in the comparison group. However, there was a trend toward a more severe transplant rejection in the CF group.

The scientists also noted that rejection was more common in younger individuals, and that the group with CF was younger overall than the group that had a lung transplant but did not have CF.

In their research report, the study authors said, “CF recipients have a higher frequency of ACR, particularly of severe ACR. Careful post-transplant management using scheduled (transbronchial biopsies) are mandatory for sensitive ACR detection and prompt treatment.”

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