The Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) device is a cost-effective treatment option in the management of COPD exacerbations, according to a study published October 20 in the International Journal of COPD. This study, which used data from the published literature and national fee schedules to model the cost-effectiveness of the Aerobika OPEP device, shows that it provides both clinical benefit and direct medical cost savings in a post-exacerbation care COPD population, according to manufacturer Monaghan Medical Corp.

The device has been shown to improve lung function, exercise capacity and quality of life in COPD patients, and a recent real-world study showed that the device reduced exacerbation rates in patients during the critical 30-day post-exacerbation period, the company reported. Using data from the latter study to provide real-world input, the authors of this current analysis showed cost savings ($553 per patient) and improved outcomes (equivalent to 6 fewer exacerbations per 100 patients per year) with the Aerobika OPEP device compared with no OPEP/PEP use, and concluded that the device provides cost-effective treatment for post-exacerbation COPD patients.

The authors also used various scenarios to investigate the likelihood of the benefit continuing over a full year, and predicted further clinical and cost benefits (21 exacerbations per 100 patients per year; cost savings of $1,952 per patient).

Author Dominic Coppolo, MBA, RRT, FAARC, vice president Clinical Strategy and Development noted, “Our model provides evidence of clinical and cost benefits of the Aerobika OPEP device in that critical 30-day period following an exacerbation. Given the high burden of COPD – in particular, costs relating to exacerbations – in the US population, we would expect that even a small benefit would have a significant impact on the healthcare system”. He went on to say that, although further studies would be needed to validate the long-term effectiveness, these data also give a good indication that the benefits will be sustained with long-term use.

“With the increasing pressure to improve care and reduce hospital admissions, the previously-published real-world study showing exacerbation reductions in the critical 30-day post exacerbation period gave us useful insights into the benefits of integrating the Aerobika OPEP device into standard clinical practice”, noted Dr Jason Suggett, group director of Global Science and Technology.