iGetBetter, a supplier of mobile digital health solutions, has announced the addition of the COPD Care Plan to its library.

iGetBetter, Inc., a supplier of mobile digital health solutions for post-acute care transition and long term population health management, announced today the addition of the COPD Care Plan to its library of care plans. The COPD Care Plan is used with the iGetBetter cloud-based platform for the rapid deployment of a care transition solution. It is focused on post-acute care treatment bridging the transition of care from hospital to home that engages the patient in their own care, improving outcomes and helping reduce readmissions.

COPD is one of the key areas of focus for the emerging risk-sharing and cost-saving programs that are part of healthcare reform. CMS is specifically targeting COPD to reduce costly post-acute care complications and readmissions as well as reduce the costs of population health management. The cost of a COPD hospitalization averages about $15,000, and with the new risk-sharing payment models, providers need rapid deployment of care transition solutions that can help them engage and monitor their patients.

“iGetBetter has been working closely with the clinical teams at two separate New England hospitals to create a COPD Care Plan that will engage and monitor patients in their own care. We are also looking for clinical indicators of episodic COPD exacerbations so physicians can intervene before an ED visit or hospitalization is necessary, and, of course, improve population health outcomes,” said David Lebudzinski, MD, chief medical officer at iGetBetter. “The objective of these two institutions is to reduce readmissions and long term costs associated with COPD.”

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