The COPD Foundation has launched PRAXIS (Prevent and Reduce COPD Admissions through eXpertise and Innovation Sharing), an interactive online community designed to support COPD caregivers and administrators to prevent and reduce hospital admissions and readmissions by improving care across the COPD care continuum.

The backbone of the initiative, an online collaborative, promotes expertise and innovation sharing through member discussion boards; a searchable resource repository of impactful research, toolkits and promising readmissions reduction practices; educational and innovation centers containing the latest professional and technological developments; and a policy corner devoted to relevant legislation and its impact on the PRAXIS user.

PRAXISSunovion Pharmaceuticals is the founding sponsor of PRAXIS, which will enable the proactive identification and elimination of gaps in COPD care.

“Front-line clinical providers, care delivery systems designers, policymakers, and health care solutions companies are looking for solutions to help reduce COPD readmission rates. PRAXIS will assist these parties by addressing the obstacles that contribute to the problem and help them to develop practical and effective implementation strategies,” John W. Walsh, COPD Foundation president and co-founder, said in a press release.

More information on PRAXIS is available at the COPD Foundation’s website,