Clinical Trials Research has announced their participation in a new COPD clinical study to measure the safety of a combination therapy inhaler.

“The DYNAGITO COPD clinical trial will enable participants to learn whether the investigational drug combination of Tiotropium and Olodaterol can help them and others living with severe COPD,” explained Dr. Jeffrey Wayne, Medical Director for Clinical Trials Research. “We encourage people with COPD to contact us to learn more about the DYNAGITO COPD clinical trial.”

Tiotropium is an inhaled bronchodilator available worldwide as a verified prescription medicine for COPD. Triotropium has shown to reduce the amount of COPD exacerbations in patients. Olodaterol is also an inhaled bronchodilator but has been proven more effective to improve COPD patients with their breathing.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Wayne is a medical researcher for more than 20 years in the Sacramento area. Clinical Trials Research also has a research facility in Lincoln, California.

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