Kali-Extracts Inc has filed a new patent application specifically on its cannabis-based RespRx formulation for symptoms associated with COPD and other similar respiratory conditions.
The company has also filed for a trademark on the name RespRx as the brand name for its CBD formulation and has launched a website with information on RespRx.

The formulation for the treatment of symptoms associated with COPD and other similar respiratory conditions has been derived from the company’s patented cannabis extraction process.

In addition, the company has initiated a next stage of clinical development and testing for its RespRx COPD therapy and is currently conducting phase one development and trials for compounds targeting cancer pain management, Type 2 diabetes, and epilepsy.

According to the product’s website, a primate study of the therapy found that “within 2 weeks of treatment with the 5X dilution NCMB-1 demonstrated significant increases in respiration rate (55%), tidal volume (38%) and inspiratory air flow rate (82%) were observed. Thus, the 5X dilution elicited significant improvements in lung function and inspiratory air flow within 2 weeks.”

More information is available on the product’s website.