In partnership with the COPD Foundation, Academy of Country Music (ACM) Lifting Lives has announced a new pilot program called Harmonicas for Health (H4H) .

The program, which kicked off at the end of January in Murfreesboro, TN, works to encourage COPD patients to exercise their lungs by learning to play the harmonica.

Three-time ACM Award nominee Chris Janson has signed on to become the COPD National Spokesperson for H4H. He recently stopped by Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital to spend time the patients in the H4H program to see the progress they’ve made from playing the harmonica.

“I can attest to the healing power playing the harmonica provides. As an asthmatic, harmonica playing has helped me overcome my breathing problems and make some damn good music,” Janson said.

The COPD Foundation hopes to have 25 Harmonicas for Health programs launched at various hospital Pulmonary Education Program locations nationwide by September.

Photo Credit: Helen Comer

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