A new bronchiectasis website has been launched to provide important clinical and treatment information for patients with the disease. The site — bronchiectasisinfo.org — was created by NTM Info & Research, which also provides resources for nontuberculosis mycobacterial (NTM). 

The site includes information on bronchiectasis symptoms, diagnosis, treatment with pharmaceuticals or airway clearance, and insurance info.

Nearly all NTM patients have bronchiectasis, either before or as a result of NTM, according to the organization.

“There hasn’t been enough emphasis on the connection between NTM lung disease and the underlying lung damage, bronchiectasis, but the two go hand-in-hand,” said Amy Leitman, Director of Policy and Research at NTMir. “Understanding and managing both give patients the chance for improved quality of life and better outcomes.”

Prevalence estimates suggest up to 522,000 patients have bronchiectasis, with 70,000 newly diagnosed annually, the organization says.

“Understanding the underlying risk posed by bronchiectasis is critical in managing NTM lung disease, and understanding the risks associated with bronchiectasis is equally important in mitigating the risk factors in acquiring severe chronic lung infections,” said Leitman.