While previously only available through an exclusive program with SinusPharmacy, PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc, Midlothian, Va, has embarked on a program to make nasal aerosol delivery systems available nationwide. Pharmacies have been requesting the nasal aerosol delivery system in response to physician and patient requests for prescribed treatments for respiratory conditions such as chronic sinusitis, asthma, and severe allergies. Reduced patient costs are expected, while also providing a new revenue stream for compounding pharmacies.
Since many patients, such as chronic sinusitis sufferers or patients that experience reoccurring sinus infections, feel that current therapies are expensive, ineffective, or painful, new therapy options are needed for the more than 35 million sufferers in the United States. Doctors prescribe a variety of therapies, but both physicians and patients have complained that often too much drug is needed to accurately treat the condition systemically through the blood stream (as with pills and intravenous therapies). PARI’s nasal aerosol delivery system, known as PARI SinuStar Aerosol Delivery System provides a targeted, topical delivery of medication through the nose.
By opening the program to all licensed pharmacies in the United States, physicians have the flexibility to work with their trusted, local pharmacy to prescribe medications delivered through a nasal aerosol delivery system at a reduced cost.