Infant Pulse Oximeter
The OxyTip®+ Infant Foam Sandal by Madison, Wis-based Datex-Ohmeda, part of GE Medical Systems, tracks SpO2 readings during infant clinical motion. Even during kicking episodes, the Infant Foam Sandal stays correctly positioned on the infant’s foot, according to the Datex-Ohmeda motion characterization study, which was published in Anesthesia & Analgesia. Used with the OxyTip+ Sensitive Skin sensor, the sandal enables more consistent SpO2 readings when in conjunction with the company’s TruTrak®+ technology. Designed for use on patients as small as 3.3 pounds, the sensor features a nonadhesive, flat surface, and the sandal, made of soft foam and secured with a Velcro® fastener, will not irritate infants’ fragile skin. (800) 345-2700;

d08a.jpg (11624 bytes)Pulse Oximetry System
Nellcor, Pleasanton, Calif, reports positive responses from clinicians at Maricopa Integrated Health System regarding the clinical benefits of the Nellcor® OxiMax® pulse oximetry system with the MAX-FAST™ forehead sensor.

“Compared with older pulse oximetry technology, the Nellcor OxiMax System enables faster detection of hypoxic events, greater accuracy, and more reliable saturation readings,” said Kim Whitford, RRT-NPS, lead clinical specialist, Maricopa Integrated Health System and Arizona Burn Center. “We previously used earlobe sensors, but the SpO2 readings were erroneous because they didn’t correlate with patients’ blood gas. Nellcor’s new MAX-FAST Forehead Sensor has enabled us to detect readings that closely correlate to our patients’ SaO2 values. During a week-long trial, I compared the OxiMax system’s SpO2 readings to each patient’s SaO2 values through a series of blood gas draws,” continued Whitford. “The results were amazing. Most of the time the readings were an exact match.” (800) 635-5267;

 New Mask Features
Hans Rudolph, Kansas City, Mo, introduces new models of the VIP 75™ and the VIP 76™ oro-nasal (full face) Vmasks™ and Alizes™ nasal masks. Due to large demand, the masks now come in more sizes and are available with the new features. The new Vmask models, available in five more half sizes, feature buttons for attaching the new Sensa Seal™ optional accessory for assisting in leak-free fits; easy-release headgear clips; and a soft, clear finish on the mask and sealing surface. (800) 456-6695;

d08a.jpg (11624 bytes)Continuous Medication Nebulizer
DHD Healthcare, Wampsville, NY, introduces Flo-Mist™, a refillable, continuous medication nebulizer (CMN) used to treat severe asthmatic conditions in pediatric and adult patients in the emergency department. Flo-Mist delivers respirable particles in the 3- to 5-micron range for deep inhalation and can be used uninterrupted for up to 8 hours. An auxiliary flow of heliox, O2, or air can be added without affecting medication output—eliminating the need for dosage recalculations. Each Flo-Mist kit includes the CMN; 22 mm corrugated collapsible tubing (72 inches long), which may be adjusted for patient comfort; a dosage chart; and a mask. Non-rebreathing kits also include a valved Y piece and reservoir bag. (800) 847-8000;

d08a.jpg (11624 bytes)Mask Headgear
SleepNet Corp, Manchester, NH, introduces a single-size headgear for the MiniMe nasal mask. Based on the Holey Cap! headgear designed for the IQ mask, the MiniMe headgear can be quickly and easily adjusted. It is preassembled with the MiniMe mask to reduce inventory and increase convenience for first-time and future patient fittings. The CoolTex frame is made from a breathable, four-way stretch material with a closed-loop surface to secure a Velcro® tab at any point. The headgear is configured with different hole sizes for stretch and breathability. The textured interior prevents slippage and provides a moisture-wicking surface. (800) 742-3646;

d08a.jpg (11624 bytes)Oxygen Carrier
Roscoe Medical Inc, Strongsville, Ohio, introduces the Handi-Air Tote mobile oxygen carrier case with a rolling luggage-like design that holds up to two C cylinders. The unit features a sturdy frame, padded material, tank straps, an adjustable locking telescoping handle, wheels, a shoulder strap, static lifting handle, and extra storage compartments. Handi-Air Tote’s lower center of gravity reduces risk of injury and eases travel. Multiple ventilation holes maximize air circulation for safety, and the unit’s cannula openings have adjustable covers for protection. (800) 376-7263;