ps01.jpg (13896 bytes)PEP Therapy System
DHD Healthcare Inc, Canastota, NY, recently updated TheraPEP, the positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy system that makes PEP treatment more convenient for patients. DHD Healthcare has added two smaller orifice sizes for greater flexibility in treating lower expiratory flow-rate patients. The six orifice sizes allow a wide range of patients with low lung volumes to mobilize secretions, open airways, and reverse atelactasis more easily. Nebulizers or MDI spacers can now be used with TheraPEP to deliver aerosol drugs simultaneously with secretion clearance. A 22-mm ID connector has been added to the TheraPEP packaging to make the device compatible with most aerosol delivery devices, especially small volume nebulizers. (800) 847-8000;

ps02.jpg (14920 bytes)Disposable Oximetry Sensor
Epic Medical Equipment Services Inc, Plano, Tex, has announced the introduction of its patented STAT-SHELL disposable oximetry sensor, marking the company’s first product in this $300-plus million market. STAT-SHELL is designed for up to five uses on a single patient before disposing, making it cost-effective for hospitals. (800) 327-3742;

ps03.jpg (15019 bytes)Acid-Base Chart
Radiometer America, Westlake, Ohio, introduces the ACID-BASE CHART feature on the ABL700 Series of blood gas analyzers. The ACID-BASE CHART, which plots the relationship between pH, PCO2, and standard base excess, cBase (ecf), gives an estimate of whether the acid-base status is normal/abnormal, acute/chronic, or respiratory/metabolic. The chart offers instant 3D graphical acid-base interpretations to save time and ensure accurate patient assessments, and helps improve acid-base/blood gas interpretations, treatments, and patient outcomes. Instead of reviewing patient status from raw numbers, correct interpretations are now easily identified with the 3D graphical chart. The ABL700 Series offers fast and easy stat testing of up to 17 parameters at all testing sites, and provides fast turnaround time, accuracy, data control, and low maintenance. (800) 736-0600;

Oxygen Manifold
W.T. Farley Inc, Simi Valley, Calif, offers its Porcupines-manifolds that allow increases in air and oxygen supply in any room. The Porcupines are made of aircraft-quality aluminum and brass for strength. Valve threadings are machined for a perfect fit that lasts a lifetime. Whether you need to multiply the capacity of regulators, blenders, oxygen, vacuum, or air outlets, there is a Porcupine to meet every need. (800) 327-5397;

ps05.jpg (11296 bytes)Latex-Free Products
Hy-Tape Corporation, Yonkers, NY, has decided to refocus its business on a latex-free product exclusively. Hy-Tape chose to introduce the latex-free product based on the current number of patients and health care professionals who are hypersensitive to natural rubber latex. Like the Original Pink Tape, Hy-tape Latex-Free adheres to any skin type, including wet, oily, or hairy surfaces. Its zinc oxide base is soothing to tender, delicate skin, removes without irritation, and leaves no residue. Hy-Tape Latex Free is waterproof, washable, fully conformable to body contours, and flexible to accommodate tissue expansion or shrinkage. (800) 248-0101;

ps06.jpg (10835 bytes)Pocket Spirometer
Micro Direct Inc, Auburn, Me, introduces the new MicroGP pocket spirometer that provides eight key diagnostic parameters, including predicted and percent predicted values via its digital display. A full 8 1/2-in by 11-in report including graphs can be downloaded directly to a printer via the serial port. MicroGP is a cost-effective, full-featured pulmonary screener, and is shipped with a carrying case and all necessary disposables. (800) 588-3381;

ps07.jpg (11042 bytes)Infant Graphics Monitor
Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, has announced the availability of its new StarTrack Infant Graphics Monitor as an option for its Infant Star Ventilator line. StarTrack measures expiratory tidal volume, minute volume, total respiratory rate, percent tube leak, and dynamic compliance. It displays two waveforms simultaneously and provides flow/volume and pressure/volume loops. Navigating the various screens and setting alarms and parameters are intuitive and any screen display may and printed. The monitor attaches easily to all Infant Star Ventilators, or may be pole mounted for stand-alone use. (800) 635-5267;

ps08.jpg (13758 bytes)Patient Monitoring Software
The Electromedical Systems Division of Siemens Medical Systems Inc, Danvers, Mass, has unveiled the latest software version for its INFINITY Patient Monitoring System. Version VE enhances the clinical utility of the INFINITY system in the areas of cardiac care, adult and neonatal intensive care, and anesthesia. The software also supports the new Siemens INFINITY EEG Pod, adding a comprehensive range of neurological parameters to INFINITY modular monitors. (800) 333-8646;

ps09.jpg (8714 bytes)BiLevel System
Respironics, Pittsburgh, announces the BiPAP Duet LX, a full-featured bi-level therapy system for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The system is designed for adult patients who have difficulty complying with CPAP therapy. It features Auto-Trak Sensitivity, a patented and proven technology that continuously responds to changing breathing patterns and circuit leaks to enhance patient comfort and improve therapy compliance. The BiPAP DuetLX system is significantly smaller, lighter, and quieter than its predecessor, the BiPAP Duet. The system weighs only 5.75 lb, and its compact design makes it suitable for travel as well as bedside use. (800) 345-6443;

ps10.jpg (10099 bytes)Conserving Device
Western Medica, Westlake, Ohio, offers the O2 Advantage Conserving Device-the only conserver that "learns" the patients breathing patterns, then customizes the amount of oxygen delivered with each breath. While delivering the prescribed liter flow from gas or liquid, the O2 Advantage conserves enough oxygen to significantly reduce cylinder inventory and fill cost. The conserver works with a standard click-style regulator (prescribed liter flow up to 15 lpm) and is easy to use with an automatic switch to continuous flow. Other features include a 9:1 conservation ratio for maximum oxygen cost savings and patient portability. The device is equipped with audible and visual battery and apnea alarms to ensure safety and reliability. (800) 783-7890;

ps11.jpg (8094 bytes)Booklet And Wall Chart
Respironics HealthScan Asthma & Allergy Products, Cedar Grove, NJ, introduces a patient education booklet and wall chart for RinoFlow Nasal Wash & Sinus System users. The booklet, entitled A Guide to Chronic Sinusitis &Rhinitis, is written in an easy-to-read question-and-answer format, with several bold illustrations. The booklet teaches patients about sinusitis and rhinitis and what causes these conditions. It also explains the difference between sinusitis, rhinitis, and the common cold, and how they are diagnosed. The wall chart, How Can I Relieve My Sinus Pressure?, helps patients learn about the nasal irrigation process with RinoFlow. These materials are available free to customers. (800) 962-1266;

ps12.jpg (11660 bytes)Blood Urea Nitrogen
AVL Medical Instruments, Roswell, Ga, announces the release of a new parameter, BUN (blood urea nitrogen) for the AVL OMNI Modular System with AutoQC Data Management System. A fully automatic analyzer, the OMNI also measures a wide range of critical care parameters, including blood gases, electrolytes, co-oximetry, glucose, and lactate. The BUN measurement is performed using thick-film technology which eliminates labor-intensive membrane replacements while providing interference-free measurements. The OMNI Modular Analyzer also features automatic quality control. AutoQC administers patient, calibration, maintenance, and QC information. Rules for operator lockout may be programmed, and 50,000 patient data records may be scanned in seconds. (800) 421-4646;