A-M Systems Inc, Carlsborg, Wash, offers the Virobac III disposable filter for use in pulmonary function and respiratory therapy departments. This compact filter is intended for single-patient use and features a clear housing for easy detection of airway obstruction. It features bidirectional airflow and coaxial connectors with a 22 mm ID fitting at one end, and a 15-mm ID/22-mm OD fitting at the other end to connect to most standard equipment. The filter contains a synthetic medium containing permanent electrostatic charges that trap bacteria, viruses, and particles throughout the filter media with 99‹ficiency. The medium is naturally water-resistant, providing no increase in breathing resistance even with long-term high levels of humidification. (800) 426-1306.
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Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, introduces the NPB-3900 Series Multiparameter line of Monitors. This new lineup of portable monitors provides up to four vital signs the clinician needs, including oxygen saturation, blood pressure, temperature, and ECG. Models include NPB-3910, pulse oximetry, noninvasive blood pressure; NPB-3920, pulse oximetry, noninvasive blood pressure, temperature; NPB-3930, pulse oximetry, noninvasive blood pressure, ECG; NPB-3940, pulse oximetry, noninvasive blood pressure, ECG, temperature. (925) 463-4000.
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Monaghan Medical, Plattsburgh, NY, a leader and innovator in aerosol delivery and asthma management devices, is seeking FDA 510(k) clearance for a new Breath Actuated small-volume nebulizer, the AeroEclipseT. By nebulizing only in precise response to the patient’s inspiratory maneuver, this innovative nebulizer achieves on-demand therapy–a feature not previously available. The benefits include total patient compliance and the virtual elimination of environmental drug contamination and drug waste. Developed in Monaghan Medical’s advanced aerosol lab, the breath-actuated design also delivers ideal particle size and high-mass output, maximizing respirable dose and patient response. The AeroEclipse can be accessorized to meet the needs of most patients, from pediatric to adult. (800) 833-9653.
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Dr„ger, Inc, Critical Care Systems, Telford, Pa, announces the release of the Babylog 8000plus ventilator. The Babylog 8000plus extends the capabilities of the original Babylog 8000. It includes lung mechanics monitoring, an ergonomic operating concept, improved measuring technology, a high-contrast electro-luminescent display, and optional leak-adapted pressure support (LAPS) and Volume Guaranty. The existing devices can be upgraded to incorporate the features now available on the Babylog 8000plus. (215) 721-6910.
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BLD, Dallas, a respiratory disposable manufacturer since 1977, is introducing to hospitals and EMS the KidO2′sT, a blow-by oxygen and aerosol delivery device that helps reduce apprehension in pediatric patients. The product is a child-friendly device (teddy bear) made of latex-free flexible PVC that smells like bubble gum and squeaks. The aerosol and oxygen flow through a channel and out the bear’s stomach into the patient’s face. (800) 872-9010.
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Nonin Medical Inc, Plymouth, Minn, introduces an exciting new concept in pulse oximetry–the XpodT In-Line OEM Pulse Oximeter. This unique external OEM pulse oximeter is designed to simply plug into your multifunction monitor. All the pulse oximetry you need is contained within, requiring no board integration into your monitor. Low power draw (60mW @ 3-6 volts DC), simplified design (3-wire interface), and an environmental seal provide an economical alternative to incorporating a pulse oximeter. The Xpod simplifies your design and inventory requirements. Private labeling and custom interface options are available. (800) 356-8874.
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