productThe EZflow and EZflow MAX from Mercury Medical®, Clearwater, Fla, represent a new generation of continuous nebulizers for the treatment of severe reversible airway disease. They feature a very efficient small volume (25 mL) reservoir, which attaches directly to an aerosol mask, eliminating the need for pole brackets and aerosol tubing. The EZflow offers a 4-hour treatment at a 3-lpm flow rate, while the EZflow MAX provides a 11¼2-2 hour treatment at a 6-10 lpm flow rate. New EZflow and EZflow MAX feature: quick and easy assembly; innovative nozzle technology; consistent 2.0 micron MMAD particle size; optimal drug delivery for entire treatment; and low flow design (EZflow). (800) 237-6418;

productThe Aerosol Inhalation Monitor (AIM) by Vitalograph Inc, Lenexa, Kan, assists in teaching correct inhalation rate, firing coordination, continuance of inhalation after firing, and breath-hold time for effective use of metered dose inhalers. After testing, the AIM alerts the administrator if there is a problem and where it occurs. An optional incentive device is available for pediatric use to help children coordinate their efforts, teach them the proper technique, and ensure correct dosage. The AIM also helps to identify patients who need to be prescribed an alternative delivery device. (800) 255-6626;

productPARI Respiratory Equipment Inc, Monterey, Calif, offers the PARI Vortex™, an anodized aluminum, nonelectrostatic valved holding chamber that optimizes delivery of metered dose inhaler (MDI) medications. This aerosol device increases the retrieval time for the patient to receive the MDI medication, which permits more of the dose to be delivered into the patient’s lungs. Studies have shown aerosol particles are trapped in the interior of a conventional plastic holding chamber due to the constant electrostatic charge. The more effective metallic PARI Vortex provides respiratory health care professionals with a new tool to help patients successfully manage their respiratory diseases. (800) 327-8632;

productDHD Healthcare Corp, Wampsville, NY, has added an infant mask to its ACE® (aerosol cloud enhancer) MDI Spacer line, offering clinicians four distinctive mask size choices when delivering therapy. The new infant mask is 60% smaller than DHD’s current small mask, and features soft, round, cushioned edges for a proper fit. The mask is also free of DEHP and latex. ACE ensures prompt, effective delivery of aerosolized medication from MDI canisters and is versatile for a patient’s entire course of treatment. (800) 847-8000;

productThe Ventstream® Reusable High Efficiency Nebulizer from Respironics HealthScan Asthma & Allergy Products, Cedar Grove, NJ, provides fast, targeted delivery of aerosol medications. Ventstream is easy to clean and use, and is reusable for 6 months. The nebulizer provides better on-target drug delivery to the lungs because 80% of its aerosol output falls below 5.0 microns. Jet design produces an aerosol with an MMAD of 3.0 microns—the particle size that delivers optimum therapeutic effect. Ventstream is also designed to deliver more drug on inspiration with minimal drug wastage on expiration. (800) 962-1266;

productTOBI® from Chiron Corp, Emeryville, Calif, is the first and only inhaled antibiotic approved by the FDA for the management of Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection in cystic fibrosis patients. TOBI comes in a single-dose, ready-to-use ampule containing 300 mg of tobramycin. It should be taken twice a day in repeated cycles of 28 days on the drug followed by 28 days off. A collaboration with the American Cystic Fibrosis Foundation helped to further advance the development of an aerosolized formulation of tobramycin without preservatives and to definitively establish the safety and efficacy of this topical approach to infection management. (800) 244-7668;