RT Magazine’s November 21st webinar, Opportunities in Home Respiratory Care – Sponsored by Drive Medical, is now available for viewing on demand.

This webinar is sponsored by Drive Medical.

This webinar is sponsored by Drive Medical.

Four respiratory/home care experts discussed the current state of the home respiratory care industry and offered their expertise and advice on how hospitals, home care providers, and individual RTs can benefit.

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Topics discussed in the 45-minute webinar included:

  • Home care’s effectiveness as a strategy to reduce in-hospital costs and readmissions for chronic lung diseases, while improving continuity of care;
  • The impact of healthcare reform, as well as the impact of new technology, such as telehealth and patient monitoring;
  • Current and future opportunities for individual respiratory care practitioners in home care.


HomeCare-TRyan2-webThomas H. Ryan is the president and CEO of the American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare), the primary advocacy organization representing home respiratory, mobility, infusion therapy and medical equipment providers nationwide. Mr. Ryan has over 30 years of experience in the home respiratory and medical equipment business and also serves on the board of the New York State Association of Medical Equipment Providers.

HomeCare-AStark-webAndrea Stark is a Medicare consultant and reimbursement specialist for medical equipment suppliers and pharmacies. She has over 15 years of experience in the DME industry, including 10 years as an independent consultant. Stark founded MiraVista, LLC after working for the Region C DMERC, and now provides consulting, education and billing services to suppliers throughout the country.

HomeCare-KBalasko-webKarla Balasko, MBA, RRT, is the director of the Cleveland Clinic Respiratory Therapy Program, one of the largest and top respiratory therapy programs in the country. In her current role, Ms. Balasko is responsible for integrating respiratory therapy services across the Cleveland Clinic enterprise, which includes more than 110 full-time and part-time RTs. She has worked as a respiratory therapist for 32 years.

HomeCare-BMcquown-webRobert McQuown, RRT, has been the manager of the Cleveland Clinic Respiratory Therapy at Home (CCRT) for the last nine years. The RT at Home program is part of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Connected Care and provides respiratory services to patients discharged from its nine hospitals and 16 family healthcare/surgery centers throughout Northeast Ohio. Robert has both hospital and home care management experience, including nine years as the RT director of a 258-bed acute care teaching hospital and 26 years in the home care industry.