SeQual Technologies Inc, San Diego, Calif, has signed on as a vendor to VGM Group, the largest network of independent home medical equipment (HME) dealers in the United States.

The agreement that allows the oxygen systems maker to tap into market of more than 2,000 medical equipment providers in more than 3,500 locations.

The relationship will allow SeQual a stronger relationship with VGM members through marketing support and educational seminars while VGM members gain access to SeQual’s products under network-negotiated pricing.

“We feel the VGM network of independent providers is a perfect fit for us,” said Stu Novitz, SeQual’s North American sales manager.  “Whenever you have a chance to unite superior technology with a powerful and influential distribution channel, you have a great opportunity to benefit not just the manufacturers and providers – but the over 1 million oxygen patients across this country who are looking for the best service out there.”

SeQual’s Eclipse oxygen system and the Integra E-Z series of stationary oxygen concentrators will both be offered to VGM’s members under the announced agreement.
Tom Pontzius, president of VGM’s Nationwide Respiratory division, said SeQual’s involvement with VGM is an important occasion for their network of providers.  

“It’s quite simple,” he said. “SeQual’s single-source oxygen technology allows our providers to cut costs they otherwise would have spent on gasoline, truck maintenance, and man-hours delivering oxygen to their customers.”