Doctors at Apollo Hospitals successfully improved the lung function of a child swine flu patient by putting her on an ECMO machine, according to The New Indian Express.

In India, up to 7 of every 100 people contracting swine flu, succumb to it. On their death certificates, the cause of death is usually attributed to ‘respiratory failure’.

To cut down on this margin, doctors at Apollo Hospitals attempted to give a 12-year-old patient with H1N1 a shot at improving their lung function, by putting her on an ECMO machine.

Luckily for little Soubashree, after 19 days of intense treatment while on the ECMO, it worked like a charm.

The child was kept on ECMO after being brought in with pneumonia on February 27, her lungs having failed even before she was brought to the Apollo Children’s Hospital.

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