XENiOS, a commercial-stage medical device company, announced today it expects to receive CE-marking for its i-lung device within 18 months.

XENIOS expects to launch i-lung in 2017. Currently available devices lack durability and wearability. Additionally, the size of current systems restricts patient mobility and limits quality of life. i-lung represents an innovative and first-of-its-kind fully wearable artificial lung for long-term use in a hospital environment.

“The availability of i-lung will open the door to significant medical progress for respiratory support. For many patients in lung failure currently undergoing invasive mechanical ventilation, the use of i-lung is designed to avoid sedation and immobility, thus creating active, self-managed patients,” said Georg Matheis, MD, Managing Director & Founder of XENIOS. “In addition, i-lung is designed to be used to bridge the waiting time for a donor organ (bridge-to-lung-transplant).”