CNN is reporting findings from a House Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy that reveals e-cigarette manufacturer Juul has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to infiltrate schools in order to promote its vaping products to teens and children.

In one case, Juul paid $134,000 to sponsor a five-week “holistic health education” summer camp in Baltimore that “recruited from grades 3 through 12.”

According to a draft of that agreement, Juul would receive data on students, including test scores from assessments of “general health knowledge” and “risky behaviors,” although a spokesman said the company did not end up collecting the information.

Juul’s plans also included paying $10,000 to high schools that would “use the JUUL sponsored curriculum” during classes, according to a memorandum of understanding with at least one school district. That agreement allowed “JUUL Consultants” to observe classes and required the district to provide dates and times of sessions.