Stephen Hahn, the new head of the Food and Drug Administration, vowed to take tougher steps to reduce teen vaping, reported the Washington Post.

The administration’s vaping plan, which will take effect Feb. 6, bars sales of most flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes. Menthol- and tobacco-flavored pods won’t be affected, nor will single-use disposable vapes or bottled e-liquids for the open-tank systems typically sold in vape shops. Those exemptions mean young people will be able to simply switch to products that remain on the shelves, critics predict.

Hahn, who was confirmed in mid-December, disagreed, saying in an interview that the sales restrictions will target the products most popular with young people. But the FDA will closely monitor the situation, and if minors do switch to menthol-flavored vapes or other e-cigarette products, the agency will take further action to curb vaping, he said.