British researchers are hoping a color called “Opaque Couché” that was voted the “World’s ugliest color” will help deter smokers from purchasing cigarettes, according to an article by

The UK has instituted a plain packaging rule for cigarettes and has incorporated the color into the packaging, according to an article by the Guardian. The UK chose the color based on an Australian survey of 1,000 smokers who said the color, also known as pantone 448C, was the world’s most unappealing. Australia has already used it on plain packages of cigarettes.

Several nations are weighing the potential benefits of plain packaging for cigarettes, and the United Nations recently called for the use of plain packaging of tobacco products on World No Tobacco Day in an effort to save lives by reducing demand.

Some countries, like the US, are considering graphic pictures on cigarette packages in an effort to discourage sales, according to the Smithsonian Mag article. The US passed legislation to require the images on packaging in 2009, but implementation has been delayed by litigation claiming more evidence was needed that the images discouraged smoking, the article reported.