Smoking history may decrease rate of survival following lung transplantation, according to a recent study.

Previous data have shown that cigarette smoking increases the risk of adverse events following transplantations, including related complications, allograft rejections, and mortality. Study researchers sought to examine the effects of smoking pack-years on the 1-year post-transplant survival of lung transplant patients.

This retrospective study consisted of 25,519 patients queried from the UNOS Standard Transplant and Analysis database. All patients were older than 18 years and had a single or double lung transplant between 1987 and 2017. Study researchers organized patients’ smoking history into no smoking history, fewer than 10 pack-years, 10 to 20 pack-years, and more than 20 pack-years. They then adjusted for transplant recipient and donor variables, including age, race, sex, body mass index, and smoking history, and conducted cox regression to determine 1-year survival adjusted hazard ratios (HR).

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