According to a study published in Pediatrics, most parents who vape don’t have “no vaping” policies in the home, despite many having “smoke-free” homes.

Findings from the study include:

  • Most dual users had smoke-free home policies (63.8%), yet fewer had a vape-free home policies (26.3%)
  • Dual users were less likely than cigarette users to have smoke-free car, vape-free home, or vape-free car policies
  • Inside cars, dual users were more likely than cigarette users to report smoking, e-cigarette use, and e-cigarette use with children present

“Parents may perceive e-cigarette aerosol as safe for children. Dual users more often had smoke-free policies than vape-free policies for the home. Dual users were less likely than cigarette-only smokers to report various child-protective measures inside homes and cars,” the study concluded.

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