Lobbyists for the e-cigarette industry have reached out to 2016 presidential candidates and have asked them to endorse vaping devices over traditional tobacco products, according to TheHill.com.

The article reports that SFATA — The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association — sent letters to Democratic and Republican presidential candidates asking them to advocate for the use of vapor products and help clarify public misconceptions.

The article continues:

“Americans may never realize the full economic and public health benefits from vapor products if they continue to be confused with smoking,” the letters said. “It is vital that voters have a clear understanding of the stark differences between vapor products and combustible cigarettes.”

The group argues that vapor products are safer because they don’t present the same risk of exposure to the toxic compounds found in cigarettes and can help smokers quit smoking.

“Aside from the potential to save lives and help reduce the harms caused by combustible tobacco, vapor products will lead to fewer smokers, which will contribute to cost savings among Medicaid patients, where the prevalence of tobacco smoking is twice the general public,” SFATA said.

The group went on to discuss its concerns over a mandate in the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed regulations for e-cigarettes and conventional cigars that would require any nicotine delivery devices that hit stores after Feb. 15, 2007 to apply retroactively for approval.