tech prodMaquet, Bridgewater, NJ, offers Servo ventilation systems to respiratory professionals in more than 200 countries. SERVOi supports all ICU patient categories on a single platform. Now through December 31, 2004, all SERVOi ventilators come equipped with Maquet’s Open Lung Tool—life-saving software with advanced monitoring and feedback capabilities to optimize gas exchange and oxygenation, minimize ventilator time, and prevent ventilator-induced injuries. (888) 627-8383;

tech prodBunnell Inc, Salt Lake City, offers the Bunnell Life Pulse high-frequency ventilator as therapy for early intervention and treatment of pulmonary interstitial emphysema and for rescue of patients failing on conventional or other high-frequency ventilators. The company’s latest update is WhisperJet, a new inspiratory valve, which reduces noise output by 75%. The development of the LifePort ET tube adapter, in 1996, eliminated the need to reintubate with a special ET tube, making implementation of the Life Pulse faster and easier. (800) 800-4358;

tech prodMichigan Instruments Inc, Grand Rapids, Mich, offers the TTL® Training & Test Lungs and PneuView® software, which ensures patient safety through simulation of human lungs. The system benefits include ventilator manufacturers validating the safety of their products, therapists learning the complexities of ventilator operations, and biomedical engineers trouble-shooting, resolving, and documenting difficult-to-recreate ventilator performance issues. The software reduces the risk to the patient through the creation of realistic duplication of clinical conditions in a nonclinical setting. (800) 530-9939;

tech prodPulmonetic Systems Inc, Minneapolis, introduces the Transport Battery System for use with the LTV series ventilators. The battery provides mobility and extended operating time to ensure convenient patient transport. The system features a 2.7-pound lithium ion battery, which offers a nominal 3 hours of added external power to the ventilator. The LTV transport pack allows the LTV and lithium ion battery to move with the patient across multiple sites of care. (800) 754-1914;

tech prodThe Vela™ ventilator by VIASYS Healthcare Inc, Conshohocken, Pa, is intended for use in both intensive care and subacute settings for the care of adult to pediatric patients. Its compact size, integrated turbine, and 6-hour battery support the patient throughout the continuum of care. Vela features Simple Touch™ operation to provide easy access to critical patient data in real time and in a 24-hour trend presentation. The LCD screen clearly displays breaths as a waveform or loop for in-depth analysis. (800) 328-4139;

tech prodThe NeoMode® software option for the Puritan Bennett® 840™ ventilator by Puritan Bennett, part of Tyco Healthcare, Pleasanton, Calif, accommodates the high respiratory rates, large air leaks, and high ET tube resistance unique to neonatal ventilation, enabling clinicians to deliver ventilatory support tailored to meet the needs of critically ill neonatal patients. With flow sensitivity from 0.1 L/min to 10 L/min, the NeoMode option allows responsive breath triggering and compensation for large airway leaks. Rise to pressure is adjustable over a range from least to most aggressive, and peak flow as low as 1 L/min is available in volume ventilation. In addition, selectable expiratory sensitivity helps enhance patient/ventilator synchrony during spontaneous breathing. (800) 635-5267;  

tech prodThe noninvasive NICO® cardiopulmonary management system by Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, monitors the heart and lungs together, providing hemodynamic and ventilation management tools. The NICO system uses partial CO2 rebreathing based on the Fick Principle. The monitor goes beyond conventional capnography to measure breath-by-breath volumetric CO2. Clinicians can monitor more than 40 variables for cardiopulmonary assessment, including cardiac output, cardiac index, stroke volume, and pulmonary capillary blood flow (PCBF). By monitoring PCBF through respiratory gas analysis, NICO measures how effectively the heart and lungs are functioning together. (800) 345-6443;

tech prodNewport Medical Instruments, Newport Beach, Calif, introduces the e500 ventilator for infant, pediatric, and adult applications from ER to ICU to recovery. The e500 has a user-friendly interface with mode selection, including dual modes VTPC /VTPS, expanded monitoring, and a smart alarm system. Its Automatic Leak Compensation provides improved triggering synchrony for effective invasive and noninvasive ventilation. The panel lock and internal battery backup enhance patient safety. The integrated graphics monitor provides complete waves, loops, respiratory mechanics, and numeric analysis with touch-screen ease. The e500 has a low maintenance cost and 24-hour support available. (800) 451-3111;

tech prodThe Bernoulli Ventilator Alarm System software by Cardiopulmonary Corp, Milford, Conn, provides continuous central station and remote ventilator surveillance. It is Web based and uses wireless technology to interface with ventilators that have RS-232, Ethernet, or nurse call. This data also is available remotely through pagers or handheld devices. Each ventilator also features an alarm log that monitors alarm time, ventilator condition at the time of the alarm, and alarm response time. Oximetry monitoring also is available as a stand-alone system or as a module. Bernoulli documents and stores routine ventilator status checks and trends each patient’s respiratory data. (800) 337-9936;