CHAD Therapeutics Inc announced today the introduction of three new products designed to enhance patient care and reduce costs for providers.

The new BONSAI OXYPneumatic conserver is an addition to CHAD’s line of oxygen-conserving devices. Weighing less than 10 ounces, the conserver offers eight flow settings and an adjustable continuous flow feature. It also utilizes a single-lumen cannula. “A pneumatic conserving device that offers a 6:1 savings ratio while ensuring adequate oxygen saturation for patients is a groundbreaking achievement,” said Earl Yager, president and CEO. The BONSAI is currently pending FDA clearance.

CHAD is also introducing the OMNI-5 and OMNI-2 oxygen transfilling devices, which represent significant upgrades to CHAD’s pioneering Total O2 delivery system. The OMNI-5 offers multiple new features, including stationary oxygen up to 5 LPM and an automatic restart upgrade on the cylinder transfilling process. The OMNI-2 is specially designed for pediatric patients, a feature many providers have requested. Both units are available with seven different cylinder sizes and are compatible with more than 20 CHAD oxygen-conserving devices. “These new products demonstrate CHAD’s ongoing commitment to technology that improves patient care,” says Yager. “Moreover, he adds, these products will provide additional tools for home care providers to reduce operating costs and take advantage of the new Medicare transfilling reimbursement category enacted January 1, 2007.”

CHAD’s new products are on display at the Medtrade Expo Show in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 25 to 26, 2007.