Boehringer Ingelheim will present new data from its broad respiratory portfolio at the upcoming European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress, including data on recently approved Spiolto Respimat for COPD, OFEV for IPF, and Spiriva Respimat in asthma. The conference is being hosted September 26-30, 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

“With the first approvals of OFEV and Spiolto Respimat, 2015 marks a pivotal year for the company and our ongoing commitment to developing innovative solutions for patients with respiratory diseases,” said Dr William Mezzanotte, Vice President and Head of Respiratory Medicine at Boehringer Ingelheim. “The data to be presented at ERS 2015 add to the growing body of evidence across our portfolio and help to further characterise the efficacy and safety of our medicines to support physicians and patients alike.”

COPD: Spiolto Respimat

In COPD, the latest results from the Spiolto Respimat clinical trial program include the ENERGITO Phase IIIb head-to-head study investigating lung function improvements versus the LABA/ICS combination Advair (salmeterol + fluticasone propionate).

In addition, a sub-analysis of the recently published OTEMTO 1&2 trial results will compare quality of life benefits of Spiolto Respimat in patients at different stages of the disease. These trials are part of the 15,000 patient TOviTO Phase III clinical trial program investigating the efficacy and safety of Spiolto Respimat in COPD.

COPD: Spiriva and Spiriva Respimat

New results from a post-hoc analysis of the TIOtropium Safety and Performance In Respimat (TIOSPIR) trial will be presented to determine whether exacerbation history (greater than or equal to one exacerbation in the past year) and inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) use at baseline affected outcomes of patients with COPD.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: OFEV

New data from the INPULSIS extension trial (INPULSIS-ON) will be presented for the first time demonstrating that the efficacy and safety of OFEV  (nintedanib) is sustained long-term.

Further analyses from the two INPULSIS Phase III clinical trials will also be shared with the respiratory community including the effect of OFEV on slowing disease progression in patients who were taking anti-acid or corticosteroid medications at treatment baseline. Anti-acid medications are commonly given to patients with IPF to manage gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a highly prevalent condition in IPF.

Asthma: Spiriva Respimat

Highlights from the accepted ERS abstracts include further analysis of data from the two MezzoTinA-asthma clinical trials to see whether the impact of adding Spiriva Respimat to at least ICS maintenance therapy on improvements in lung function is influenced by whether or not the patients are receiving a LTRA at baseline.

These new data will add to the existing evidence from the UniTinA-asthma large-scale, Phase III clinical trial programme that has shown the efficacy and safety of Spiriva Respimat in patients with asthma who continue to experience symptoms despite treatment with at least ICS with or without LABA therapy.

More information on the ERS 2015 Congress is available on the association’s website.